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Hi Mike, I have just seen your name and FRPS achievement in the latest Trinity Record. Many congratulations! Your gallery is amazing - you have clearly travelled widely and devoted a lot of time to get these fantastic results.
I hope all is good with you.
Peter Speight


Hi mike. Just had a look at your work it is excellent and is the sort of quality I would like to get too.
Les Day
Leslie Day


I noticed on the RPS Forum that you recently achieved FRPS and sought you out in order to look at your work.
Your photos are absolutely amazing, the way you have captured them, in style, detail, colour, interest, and I have thoroughly enjoyed admiring them.
Susan Ashford

The art of the possible

"Not bad". Gives the rest of us mediocre snappers hope and inspiration.


I consider myself lucky to have had some advice from such a talented photographer.
How beautiful your photographs are.
Susan Ashford.
Susan Ashford

Your Photos

Very much enjoyed looking at your photos with Peter this weekend - hugely impressed. Hope that you can capture some more stunning images on your upcoming trip to Florida.
Mary Anketell

Stunning photography

Absolutely incredible images Mike! Dad's been telling me that he's seen some of them last week so I had to see for myself. Best of luck for the FRPS.
Amy Rowe

Superb work!

Lovely lovely work on your site Mike, great sets of images!
Joe Turner

Your Photography

An impressive website with high quality images. Not a tsunami of photos, but carefully selected top photos. My compliments!
Adriaan van den Bos


Just love the cormorant with big fish shot. So illustrative of nature's perfect geometry. And, deer with camouflage balaclava also a winner! Keep snapping Mike; a really beautiful gallery.

Your Website

Hi Mike,
Just to let you know your website is very impressive and the photographs are of the highest quality.
Simon Lawrence

Wonderful images

Hi Mike,
A wonderful gallery. You have the best bird photos I have ever seen. Great timing, the most impressing matter is they are doing things...really superb! Great work. keep them coming..

Lovely images and site

Hi Mike
Just been browsing through your website. It has a lovely look and feel to it and of course some stunning pictures. I really like the Ghost Crab picture on your intro slide show.
Andrew Adams


Mike, some of the best bird photography I have seen. Just stunning.
Paul Butler


Hi Mike,
I love these pics, we are all sat here waiting for your Landscape gallery! Could you hurry up please!
Morna and I have been laughing our heads off at the deer in the bush!
Wren :o)